Following studies [Human Geography (BA) + Community Planning (MA)], and early working life, I took time and space, to heal and explore. I landed my passion: the intersection of movement, mindfulness and wellness.

I created Yoga for Self-Care offering weekly hatha and restorative classes, private classes, workshops, and yoga weekend retreats through the Salt Spring Center of Yoga. My workshops included: Vocal Toning (inspired by the work of Sandra Sammartino), Self Care (from an Ayurveda perspective), and Yoga and Women’s Health (for which I recruited my beautiful body suit made by artist Diane Park).

In 2015, I embarked on a new and humbling adventure: Motherhood. It challenged me to practice mindfulness and self-care, to dig deep and rise up to meet the ever changing moment. It also led me to dance!

Ever inspired by the work of seasoned teachers and mentors, I re-discovered Jane Ellison’s class. Stretching and strengthening, free dance to great music, and mindful movement culminating in a feeling of joyful presence. I knew I would integrate this into my teaching.

It is my deep honour to hold the space and continue to co-create with you.

Joy + Wellness via Movement + Dance